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Adecco temp employment is a divsion of Adecco Group. Founded in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1957, the company grew quickly throughout Europe in the 60's making its way to the US in the early 70's. Now one of the largest global staffing firms in the world, the company has over 5500 offices worldwide offering a range of human resource services that include staffing and direct hire recruiting for a wide assortment of skills and industries.

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Their general staffing division does mostly office and industrial staffing while the professional division offers solutions for anything from Human Capital Solutions to Sales, Marketing, medical, IT, engineering, finance, legal and more.

Adecco is truly a global resource for human capital needs.

Small/Midsized Business

As with many of the global/national firms, if you are a large fortune 500 business it pays to find a firm that can handle a wide assortment of needs in multiple locations. The ability to use multiple offices in different countries and locations offers a company the ability to handle many staffing issues in a much shorter time frame.

If you are a small or mid tier local business, some of the larger firms can still do the job for you but you should look at them as you would any other local firm. Find our if their branch manager has been there for a long time. Find out about the turnover in the office.

Local Service

Stability in the office you are dealing with will be key for your smaller local business because you can work with someone who will know your business, work culture and work with you to get you the best fit for your talent needs.

If there is turnover in the office or you don't have large numbers of people, sometimes larger corporate offices are so numbers driven that smaller orders don't get the same attention. And if that manager does not make the numbers they are replaced or moved and now you must train the next manager that comes in.

Best it thoroughly interview the office as you would with any other local service provider and compare against smaller independents to insure you get the local service you need.

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