Want to Successfully Recruiting "A" Level Employees?

Staffing and recruiting these days is getting tougher and tougher on companies and those in charge of hiring employees. Let's look at a few facts that complicate the job.

  • Technology, innovation and competition drive companies to need employees with broader and more diverse skill sets.
  • The cost of a bad hire in a down economy is devastating to small and medium sized companies.
  • Today's education system is stretched to the max and not putting out job ready employees
  • Generational differences in GenXers and Baby Boomers
  • Lifetime careers at one company are a thing of the past.
  • Resume Inflation, EEOC, lawsuits for hiring practices
  • Constant flow of new laws and regulations to keep up with on everything related to employees including hiring practices.

And these are just a few things that make recruiting and hiring high quality employees complicated and difficult.

What does this Mean? In short it means companies are forced to look for talented employees outside of their companies. It is easy to see how the job of bringing in talented employees is getting more complicated and difficult!

Who Needs to Know this Stuff? If you are a small to mid size business and you grew your business from the ground up. You are probably used to doing things for yourself. Now it's time to hire a few key people but you don't know how to go about it and it would be too costly to hire the wrong people. Or you don't want to ruin the chemistry of your company by hiring the wrong person. Maybe you have grown in your position as the company has grown and now you have been asked to hire some people but never had to staff up or recruit. One thing you need to know is the cost of hiring people.

Note: Rule of thumb estimates for cost to replace an employee run from 1.5X to 2X the cost of salary and benefits for an employee. The cost skyrockets to between 3X and 14X the cost of salary and benefits to replace a bad hire.

So, where do you go to find out how to do attract and hire top people if you are not a fortune 500 company? My answer is you have found your answer right here.

What to Do! What to Do! What to Do!

So how does an HR manager or hiring manager locate, interview and hire top candidates? What are the options? What resources are available? What are the costs? How will Web 2.0 and social networking play into the future of finding the next generation of employees? How about executive recruiters, a temp agency or even complete HR outsourcing? What are the employer rights with regard to how to conduct an interview or preemployment screening? The list could go on and on.

Here's What to Do...

As I said earlier, if you haven't done much hiring a great place to start is to ...read my website! It is here to provide you with some of the essential concepts and ideas of recruiting and staffing in today's marketplace.

The process to attract and hire top candidates involves a 7 step process that includes:

  1. Documenting the position(s) you are going to fill.
  2. Create a Recruiting Plan to fill the position
  3. Gathering Candidates using available resources
  4. Screen candidates
  5. Interview Techniques
  6. Employee Selection Process
  7. Hiring Employees

Want to Hire Someone To Do It For You?

If you are too busy or do not have the resources to do this yourself, there is always the outsource option. You can hire a temporary employment agency or and an executive search firm. When it comes to outsourcing, there are a number of staffing agencies or job recruiters. We show you how to find and hire the staffing agencies and recruiters that are right for you.

What Now?

If you take the time to carefully read this website, there are 3 potential outcomes which will put you in a more knowledgeable position and make you a better hiring manager, recruiter or business owner. Better yet it will help prevent you from making that bad hire!

Outcome 1 - You get what you need!

While it is impossible to cover every case and help in every situation, I believe it will help a great number of you and I say to that, wonderful! Start with the checklist and examine each of the 7 steps. Compare what your company does to what you may want to consider doing... then go do it! If this works out for you then, thank you for visiting and please check back often...but most importantly, pass the word and share this site with others!

Outcome 2 - You let me know what you need!
If there is something I've not covered, please let me know via the comments button so I can address that issue. In all likelihood, others are having the same issue or concern so indirectly you are not only helping yourself and me but others in your situation as well! You could also check out our hiring mistakes E-Book, filled with valuable tips for hiring managers.

Outcome 3 - Contact one of our experts to help you now!
Perhaps the quickest way to get your answers now is by calling one of our preferred vendors or experts to help you get what you need right now! They are here because they have expertise in fields that are important to you if you are hiring people for your company. If I have not done so already with their contact information on the page, send me a note via the comments button and I'll put you in touch immediately.

There's only one thing left to do, 'Let's get started...'

Last Resort!

If you don't see something here that obviously answers your question, do a quick search and see if it might be here.

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