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Free resumes are available on the internet if you know how to find them! There are other resources that are available at no cost as well like free candidate searches or job search engines where you can list your position and get resumes sent to you.

Similarly, there are places where you can find job posting that won't cost you a dime, like the resumes from the employment development department or in some cases an online resume search where you source candidates online using search engines and search engine operators to target your results. Additionally, you pay taxes and there is likely a government job development department where you can get all the candidates you can handle.

What to Watch Out For

As with all things that are free there is a downside. When you subscribe for free things, you gets lots of data and very little sorting. If you give out your contact info you are subject to inquiries from a number of people both qualified and unqualified etc. It only takes one stalker candidate to suck your day away with the constant phone calls and visits.

Issues to Consider with Free Resumes

Below is a list of issues that should be considered before looking at the free stuff.

  1. In depth of screening resumes
  2. Phone calls/emails from job seekers
  3. Lack of updated contact information
  4. Lack of updated job history
  5. Candidate Availability?

These are just a few of the obvious downsides but if you can handle these issues, let's face it, the right price!

How to Use a Free Service

The best way to use a free service is to get leads and follow them.This means get names of candidates with the right skills. If you find one or two, even if they are not available you have company names and job titles where they worked. These are leads! Contact the company and department or use the company name as a search term or maybe you have another keyword to add to your search strings. You get the point.

The free resumes can provide a great deal of information to improve you chances of a successful search. It is your job to mine the data and use the information you gather to improve your chances and if necessary pay for some help.

Other Sources - Job Posting

Remember we mentioned that there were places you could post a job and candidates would send you resumes? To get the best candidates you need to write your job ads to attract top candidates.

E-Recruiting & Referrals

Finally, when it comes to free resumes, sometimes it is best to look right in your own back yard. With e-recruiting techniques and employee referrals, often you can find candidates without ever having to look elsewhere. This can often be a rich resource and should not be overlooked.

Preferred Partner

If you are looking to do some job posting or want to search for resumes, please consider the Employer Section over at Job of Mine. They help you find the employee that's right for you.

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