Read Me First!

Before you dig into all the information I have presented, please read this page. I built this site as a resource to recruiters and hiring managers trying to attract and hire that next top employee.

Who Am I and Why Should You Care What I Say?

Over the last 20+ years as a hiring manager and then a technical recruiter, I have been on both sides of the hiring equation. I've worked as a program manager and hired people. I've worked for both the government and private sector. I've been on great teams and been part of bad programs.

Right now, I am the president of the local chapter for an association of professional recruiters and staffing personnel. I earned the certified staffing professional designation that demonstrates an enhanced competency and knowledge of labor and employment law for professional who interacts with candidates, employees, and clients. I am on a local county workforce board. In short, I'm around hiring and firing all day long!

I've seen companies make terrible (and preventable!) hiring mistakes, even one's I've worked for as an employee. I've seen the damage a bad hire can make. I've also seen it done right. Done correctly it can mean a world of difference to a small to mid sized business. That is why I am here.

There is not much information on staffing and recruiting that isn't a bunch in insiders talking to each other. This site is for that small business person who wants to go to that next level by attracting and hiring that next great employee so you can take a chunk out of the big boys!

Competing with the Big Boys

The big boys have the resources to attract and hire great talent. How can you compete with those resources. The big boys can make a few bad hires and it will not put them out of business. The big boys can not hire a couple people and it won't stop them from growing.

If you are a small to mid sized company, you can't say the same. You need top talent to grow and go to the next level. It is risky but there is no other way to get there.

The lesson's I've learned are contained in these pages.

Finally, it pains me to do this and I really don't like having to put a disclaimer here because it undermines what I'm trying to get across. Unfortunately, with the world as it is now, I felt I needed to be clear to you, my readers, the purpose of this site. It is simply a recruiting, staffing and hiring resource for you.

What it is Not

It is not meant to be a legal resource. I'm not a lawyer. In fact you will see that I often tell you to find yourself a good lawyer who understands the laws governing your locality.

It is not meant to be the final say on any topic. I am merely relating my experiences in hiring and recruiting people for the last 20+ years.

What This Site is!

This site is a collection of thoughts and issues related to recruiting and staffing employees. It is intended to relate to you the hiring manager or HR professional my experiences in the hiring and recruiting world. It is a place for the small and midsize business person to get the essentials they need without learning the 'insider' lingo of a recruiter.

My goal is to have you learn something new or possibly look at something in a different way and come up with some new ideas on how it may apply to your companies situation.

Should you need to outsource or seek outside professional help, you will at the very least be able to ask better questions of the professionals you decide to hire.

Here's the more legal sounding disclaimer .

Finally, if you have suggestions for a topic or some ideas on other ways to do something, please send me an email with your comment or suggestion.

Thank You

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