Recruiting Plan

The First Step to a Great Hire

The recruiting plan is where you collect your ideas and thoughts on how to attract and hire great candidates.

'Action without planning is the cause of all failures. Action with planning is the cause of all success.' - Brian Tracy

A good recruitment plan answers at a minimum 4 questions

  1. What are your needs? Short/Long Term? staffing or recruiting ?

  2. What is you strategy for getting candidates ? Internal , External or Outsourced
  3. What methods will you use to recruit these candidates,

  4. How will you track the applicants? With a database or full ATS ?

After the Needs Analysis

Presumably you have done a job analysis and have a job description and list of key success factors at hand. The next step is deciding if the position is for a short term or long term need. Short term positions target different types of people. Sometimes they are contract employees or employees hired through a temp agency.

What if this is a long term position. Then you need to develop a full scale effort to recruit this person. What if there are a large number of positions or required some specialty skill that was difficult to obtain? Once you know your "what", your plan needs to deal with these factors when developing your plan.


Once you understand the nature of the position, the question that follows is how to fill the position. Another way to look at it is what methods will you use as part of your recruitment plan to fill the position(s)? Do you want to head hunt these individuals? What about placing you know how to write a compelling job ad ? What policies do you have about approaching competitors or from different divisions within your company? Do you have the resources to manage this effort? What are the contingencies if your methods are not working?

Documentation for Your Recruiting Plan

The final part of the plan is how to document the applicants. Face it, we live in a litigious society. In your plan you need to know how you are going to track candidates and keep track of notes. If you are hiring you need to show you did it in a fair manner, therefore your plan needs to include a way to document your applicants.

Follow this simple 1,2,3 format of What, How & Document you will have the core essentials of a successful recruiting plan.

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