Recruitment Outsourcing

When to Hire an Expert

A recruitment outsourcing is an effective option for many companies. It should be considered as part of your recruiting strategy and may be essential for attracting top talent. It impacts two components of your recruiting, the recruiting strategy and the decision on the process or method. In many cases, a company is not large enough or possess the resources and knowledge to develop an effective recruiting plan. Instead they look to recruitment outsourcing as an alternative.


There are three viable options for companies that have to attract top talent;

  1. Do it yourself
  2. Hire a specialist in house
  3. Recruitment outsourcing

Do it yourself

The first option is to create your own plan and continuously improve upon that plan. There are a number of resources available on the web and within this site. Make your best attempt at creating a plan.

As you use and implement the plan, you can continually add to it and improve it as you go.

Free Tip 1 - If you are fortunate enough to live near a college with a graduate school, you may be able to talk to a professor and have MBA candidates work on your plan as a class project at little or no cost to you.

Hire an Expert and Bring them In House

You've tried to recruit yourself and get assistance from colleagues at other companies but you are still not getting what you need from your recruiting efforts. Hire an expert. There are contract recruiters who will recruit in your office. Sometimes you can find an HR consultant who will do a limited amount of recruiting for you. On the whole, this solution is great for start-ups, fast growing companies or companies that don't want to spend the money to hire a recruiter, have the internal resources to recruit themselves but are not attracting the top quality candidates they need.

Free Tip 2 - Another route to go is to hire an intern to source and screen for you. This may be a college student who is taking business classes. Often times these students can be hired for fairly low wages. If you find a bright one they will surely enjoy the challenge, plus it is great for a resume when it comes time to find a job.

Full Recruitment Outsourcing

Depending on your plan and strategy, this may be your best option if you are limited in the time you have to source and screen resumes and candidates. There are both temp agencies and executive search firms that can provide you with great candidates.

If you want no part of the process, hire yourself a HR consultant to manage the process and manage entire hiring process. This full scope outsourced hiring is sometimes called Recruitment Process Outsourcing and there are a number of companies that would be happy to take this burden off your hands.

This option is best for companies who have been established, have some sense of the requirements of their positions and have the ability to interview when candidates are available.

Final Thought

There are few places where a company can get a higher return on investment than in attracting top talent to the company. Recruitment outsourcing should be taken seriously when the company suffers if the hiring manager or HR department is required to spend loads of time sourcing and screening candidates. Spend the time and resources to get the right outsource solution and your company will prosper!

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