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Do It Yourself - How to do it yourself.

Tools - Useful Tools To Help Your Search

Tracking Your Applicants - Keep Track of Progress and Results.

Hiring Employees - Checklist of considerations before you make an offer

Conducting Interviews - How to Interview and Select the Right Candidate

Outsourcing HR and Recruiting Issues - Options for Outsourcing

Temp Agency - All about using a Temporary Staffing Service

Job Recruiters - All about using an Executive Search Firm

Pre Employment Screening - Considerations Before You Make that Offer.

Staffing & Recruiting - What are the Differences and Benefits

Employee Retention - Keeping them is cheaper than replacing them.

Finding The Best Staffing/Recruiting Solution

Other Pages - About Us, Newsletter and more.

Search for Information - One Last try to find your information.

Do It Yourself Recruiting

Recruiting Employees - The Do It Yourself Essentials
If you the person recruiting employees for your company, here are some tips to help you out...

Recruiting Methods - The Hiring Process
Sample recruiting methods including process, timeline, budget and job description.

Find Employees
Places to find employees you may not have considered.

The Phone Interview - A good first impression.
The phone interview - make it useful and make a great first impression.

Reference Checks - Make it count
Reference Checks - How to make them count.

Employee Selection Process Made Easy
An employee selection process that gets it right.!

Job Descriptions Made Simple
Overview of good job descriptions and a sample template.

Job Hopping and other Red Flags
Job hopping and other resume red flags

HR Benchmarking
HR Benchmarking as part of the hiring process can significantly minimized hiring mistakes.

Functional Job Analysis - Make it clear!
A clear functional job analysis is the foundation of a useful job description.

Sample Job Analysis - What it should look like
The sample job analysis - an example of what to include and how to organize it.

Letter of Reference
Value of Letter of Reference

Immigration Laws for Employers
Immigration Laws for Employers and How to Recruit Foreign Workers

Immigration Attorneys - Exclusive Interview
Immigration Attorneys - What to know about hiring foreign workers

Writing an Effective Job Posting
How to Write an Effective Job Posting - The key to attracting top talent

Recruitment Strategy - How to attract top candidates
Your recruitment strategy defines how you will attract top candidtes. Learn what to do and what not to do.

Definition Of Success
Definition Of Success - The Key to Winning Job Description

Tools To Help Your Search

Free Resumes and other cool stuff!
Free Resumes - Look here to find resumes that won't cost anything but your time!

Free Resume Search
Free Resume Search - Online resume databases that allow a free look inside !

Job Search Engines
Job Search Engines collect lists of job openings and allow users access to more openings.

Free Job Postings
Free Job Postings for Employers

Employment Development Department Resumes
The Employment Development Department in your state has free resumes. Here's how to find them.

Online Resume Search
Online Resume Search Tips - Find Free Resumes Using Search Engines!

Online Resume Sourcing
Online Resume Sourcing - Tips to better results.

Tracking Your Applicants

Applicant Tracking Tips
Applicant Tracking - A Must-Have in the Electronic Age.

Resume Database
Resume Database - Keeping you organized, in compliance and saving you money.

EEOC Highlights
EEOC Defines an Applicant and Recruiters Should Note the New Definition

Hiring Employees

Make Hiring Employees a Snap
Hiring Employees - How best to make sure they take the offer!

Selecting Employees
Selecting Employees - What to do once you make the hiring decision.

Best Background Check Tips
The Background Check - What you need to know before making the hire.

Salary Negotiation
Salary Negotiation - The simplest way to make sure you get a yes.

Social Security Number Search
Social security number search - one of the last steps in the hiring process is the SSN verification

Best Employment Verification Ideas
Employment verification is a key component of a good reference and background check. It is important to do it right!

Employment Drug Screening
Employment Drug Screening - Do's and don't s

H1B Visa Sponsorship
H1B Visa Sponsorship - Hidden Source of Motivated Candidates

Rejection Letter
Candidate Rejection Letter - Be honest and don't burn a bridge.

Conducting Interviews

How to Conduct an Interview
How to conduct an interview - Making the best use of your time with a candiate

Interview Questions
Interview Questions - What are the good ones and what are some bad ones.

Screening Employees
Screening Employees is a vital part of the hiring process. Find out how to make it count!

Panel Interview - The good, the bad and what do look out for!
A panel interview is a highly effective method of assessing professional candidates, but beware of the pitfalls.

Illegal Interview Questions
Illegal Interview Questions - What not to ask in an interview!

Outsourcing HR and Recruiting Issues

HR Outsourcing - Is it for you?
HR Outsourcing - Alternatives to handling the hiring and recruiting yourself.

Contract Recruiter
The Contract Recruiter -How to Insource Your Recruiting and Why.

Recruiting Plan
A recruiting plan sometimes takes a professional to complete. Consider hiring an expert.

All about using a Temp Agency

Temp Agency
If you want to try out an employee or you only need short term help, Finding contractors or temps through a temp agency is a great way to go!

Temporary Employment Agency
Temporary Employment Agency - What to expect from your temp service.

Payroll Outsourcing
Payroll Outsourcing - The most effective way to try out an employee before making a hiring decision.

Contract Employment Agency
A contract employment agency is often the solution for companies that need short term skilled professionals but don't want to take on a long term empl

Temporary Office Staffing
Temporary Office Staffing - The key to having temps in the office.

All about using Executive Recruiters

Job Recruiters - What to know about finding a recruiter
Executive recruiters come in many varieties. It is important to choose wisely!

Using Executive Search Firms

Pre Employment Screening

PreEmployment Screening
PreEmployment Screening - Ideas On Some Do's and Don'ts.

Free Public Records - Are they helpful?
Free Public Records are available but should they be used?

Social Networks for Employment Screening
Using social networks as a tool for pre-employment screening.

Handwriting Analysis
Handwriting Analysis - How to use graphology in the hiring process.

Typing Test
Typing Test and other job proficiency tests.

Verification of Education
Verification of Education - Learn How To Verify A Degree local or abroad.

Free Handwriting Analysis - Analyze your handwriting for free.
Free Handwriting Analysis - Discover what handwriting reveals about a person.

Benefits and Differences between Recruitment and Staffing

Recruitment and Staffing - Another option to doing it yourself.
Recruitment and Staffing Services - Costs and Benefits, Decoding some terminology

Staffing Markup
Staffing Markup - Learn what it is and how much is fair.

Recruiting Fees
Recruiting Fees - How much is fair and how to get the best deal.

Employee Retention - It's Cheaper than Replacing

Employee Retention
Employee Retention - The key to a hiring problem is keeping your excellent employees!

Employee Recognition
Employee Recognition - Apprecation is the key to a winning retention strategy!

Job Satisfaction
Job Satisfaction - The first step to having a highly productive staff!

Affordable Dental Plan
Affordable Dental Plan - Part of an overall employee benefits program!

Finding the Best Temporary Staffing Service.

The Best Temporary Employment Agencies - What to look for and to look out for
Keys to finding the best temporary employment agencies.

Other Pages

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