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The career center page is for those of you who have stumbled upon our site looking for a job or looking for that next job in your career path.

The focus of this site is how to find good people but the topics overlap with job seekers as well. As such we have a found a terrific resource for the Job Seekers who find our page. It is called

Who Needs It?

Whether you found us while looking for free job search websites or search job classifieds or maybe preparing for a job interview and phone interview tips... it doesn't matter. They cover it all.

Maybe you are not currently actively looking for a job.   Perhaps it is an internal position that you are looking to get for your next promotion.  Would this site help?  The short answer is YES.  This site is chock full of tips and ideas on how to perform better in interviews. Ideas on closing an interview on a positive note and positioning yourself to negotiate if you do get that promotion. 

Where is the Career Central Portal?

Just go online and hit the career portal tab. Enroll and you'll get a free assortment of job search tips and ideas, a free resume creator, and more. There are live webinars on a wide variety of topics from career change to getting an interview. It is the best thing we have found for someone serious about their next job.

So be sure to set up your account, (you'll need a valid email) and let us know if you find it a helpful resource.

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