Payroll Outsourcing - The Try Before You Buy Solution

Payroll outsourcing is a highly cost effective way to bring in an employee on a short term basis while minimizing exposure to a host hiring related hassles.

What is Payrolling?

Payrolling is a form of temporary staffing. The difference is that you provide the person in exchange for a reduced fee. That's it. You find the person and put them on the payroll of your payroll outsourcing company or staffing service.

Reasons to Payroll

There are 3 good reasons to payroll.

1) You want to bring someone in right away to start but it takes time to get them approved through your hiring process. This allows the person to get the person oriented and start the on boarding process.

2) You want to try out the new person before committing to them as a long term employee. Often if there are issues with an employee they will show up in the first 2-3 months... or sooner! By outsourcing your payroll can have the benefit of trying them out without the exposure of dealing with unemployment claims or minimizing your exposure to wrongful termination if they don't work out.

3) You want to save money on your temporary labor. Again this goes back to dealing with unemployment claims and other termination related employment issues. Those burdens fall onto the staffing company.

Other Benefits

There of course are a number of other benefits. By trying out new employees you are deferring the cost of benefits and you are minimizing your exposure to having to process all the paperwork related terminating an employee if it does not work out. For example, if the person is put on your health plan you would need to administer COBRA for that person.

So in terms of cost, you need to look at it as deferring the cost of benefits and minimizing the exposure to the time and paperwork involved in terminating an employee. Some of these costs include employee files, payroll records, work authorization forms and more. These records not only need to be created but stored for as long as the law requires.

So, if you are looking for a way to minimize your exposure and save cost, try payrolling.

If you are located in Orange County or Southern California area and would like more information about payrolling, please visit our preferred partner Synergy Solutions for more information. Be sure to tell them who sent you!

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