Affordable Dental Plan

An affordable dental plan is one part of an overall job satisfaction program. It does not have to be expensive because many employees just need to see that there is a benefits plan to believe that your company is an employee friendly company.

Affordable Dental Programs

Now sometimes smaller companies need options to keep costs minimal. There are options out there for small to midsized companies. One such program I am familiar with is a dental plan with a number of great dentists. Depending on where you live, there are a number of great options for your employees. The offer group plans and you can do it pretax using a section 125 plan. Very affordable and pretax, 2 benefits any business can appreciate.

General Benefits Ideas

More to the point, in times where the economy is slow and you are trying to keep employees for the long run, it is important to communicate with your employees. This is especially true for the long term, like when the job market gets better and it will.

Find out from your employees what they would prefer, a new dental benefit or a small raise. This works well in smaller companies. You may be thinking that you have to give everyone raises but maybe a $20/mo benefit that can be used by their entire household. The point is to keep the lines of communication open.

Final Thought

Now if you can afford a top of the line plan like Avia or Aetna, by all means do so! It can act as an incentive during the hiring process. The most important thing you can do from a satisfaction point of view is to be able to check off the box. The employee may not be entirely happy with the solution but it will not become the large distraction that not having would become in the mind of the employee. So better to have something than nothing!

Return From Affordable Dental Plan to Employee Retention

Return from Affordable Dental Plans to Staffing and Recruiting

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