H1B Visa Sponsorship

Hidden Source of Motivated Candidates

Sometimes there are sources of candidates that are forgotten. H1B visa sponsorship can be hidden source of candidates if your company would consider sponsorship.

What is an H1B Visa?

An oversimplified explanation of an H1B visa is a work visa used by someone who is not a citizen to perform a job function that is difficult for a company to fill. Every year the US sets aside a certain number of H1B Visas to help companies fill difficult to fill positions. Unfortunately the 60,000 set aside each year are usually gone within a couple of days at the start of each year.

Why is H1B Visa Sponsorship Good for Employers?

These H1B visa holders need a sponsor or company to work for so they can keep their work visas. When a person's holding such a visa, has their position end or go away, they need to work to keep them in the US.

How Does It Work?

This process works best for technology and IT professions. Every year, when the thousands of H1B holders have their contracts come to an end, their jobs becomes finding a new sponsor. In order to keep their worker status and maintain their H1B visa they need a job and an employer who will sponsor them.

If you have technical jobs and would consider an H1B visa candidate, you will accomplish 2 things, you will have a very motivated worker and you will keep a talented person from leaving this country.


There are costs associated with sponsorship of an H1B candidate including transferring sponsorship. They are often minimal compared to recruiting costs. I'd suggest finding a good immigration attorney to understand the fees.

There are also a number of web resources to find these types of candidates. A Google search with "H1B visa candidates" or "Need H1B visa sponsorship" might yield a number of resources.


In my experience these candidates are highly competent and highly motivated. They will often move themselves if they are

not local and are willing to take on almost any challenge. This of course should be considered as part of the whole hiring package but it is nonetheless, a great option to find yourself a valuable employee who is motivated and thankful to be working for your company.

Consult and Expert

If you have any questions on this subject matter, please consult an expert. We were fortunate enough to interview an immigration law expert who I'm sure would be able to help you out. See our exclusive interview for the right answers to your H1B sponsorship question or general immigration questions.

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