Temp Services

Temp services are usually thought of as just providing temporary employees. This includes a number of hidden services but there are a number of other valuable services a good temp agency can provide to your company.

Examples of these services include time and attendance systems, tax and employment law compliance, criminal background checks, paycheck distribution, benefits, confidentiality, drug screens, skills evaluation, disciplinary action and performance reviews and more. When deciding on a service you should ask about how they can assist you in these areas. Below list of questions for each area.

PreHire Process Questions

  • What types of skills evaluation testing do you provide?
  • Can you accommodate a customized test?
  • Are the pre-employment skills test validated?
  • Do you perform criminal background checks?
  • Are the background checks simple database checks or county courthouse records checks?
  • Do you perform drug screens?
  • Which type of test is it, a urine test, hair sample or other?
  • Do you use a clinic or lab for testing or do you have your own test kit?
  • What happens in the case of a positive result?

Tax and Employment Questions

  • Do you do payroll in-house?
  • Do you file all local, state and federal employment taxes?
  • Do you display all required employment posters in a place easily viewable by all employees?
  • How do you perform I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification
  • How do you handle worker's compensation (if applicable)
  • Can I get verification of your policy?

Payroll and Performance Questions

  • Do you pay weekly, biweekly or monthly?
  • Do you have direct deposit or do you deliver checks to the work site?
  • Do you have a time and attendance system?
  • Do you have an employee handbook?
  • Do you have a confidentiality agreement with employees and does it apply to field employees?
  • Do you do performance reviews and assist with disciplinary actions?

Summary for Temp Services

A good temp staffing company will be able to address many if not most of these questions. If you are a smaller company, and you are adding employees, it may be worthwhile to run your employees through a temp service for a period of time while you are growing so you can concentrate on building your business without having to deal with these and other employment related issues.

Additionally, if you ask these types of questions to your temp staffing service, you will learn a great deal about who is the true professional vs. a lesser trained service. In the end should something happen, you will want to know that you have a professional behind who knows procedures, laws and generally accepted good practices as they relate to hiring and retaining good people.

If you have further questions on this topic feel free to send us an email through the contact page or if you are in southern California area, you can contact our preferred partner Synergy Solutions for more information.

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