Temporary Office Staffing

There's a notion that temporary office staffing is for fortune 500 companies with tons of cubicles but employed effectively the office temp is a useful and effective part of a companies workforce strategy. So why not give it a try!

Why Use Office Help?

There are any number of reasons to use office help. Here are generally the most typical reasons,

  • Replacement for employees out sick or on leave
  • Supplemental help for short term projects
  • Catching up on overdue projects

Replacement Help

Whether an employee is going to be out for a day on an unplanned sick day or for a longer period because of planned leave like a vacation, if the position is such that you can not do without that person, temporary office staffing offers a solution.

For example, if you are a mid sized company and your receptionist is out and the usual backup is in meetings most of the day, then that position is perfect for a temp.

Supplemental Help

Sometimes projects come in and you need a set of hands with some skills to keep the process moving, otherwise the task will linger and have over the departments head. It will become a distraction and take away from the focus of the group because it is hanging over your head. This is a perfect situation for some temporary office help.

For example, you just found out you are moving your offices across town. At the same time you just won a new contract for a big client and they want to host a series of weekly kickoff meeting at the same time you are moving. These meetings will occupy most of your staffs time and energy. One way to handle this significant increase in activity is to hire supplemental staff during this transition time.

Catch Up Help

Seems like every time you get a little spare time some sort of fire happens an you never get to file all the back paperwork. Without filing the paperwork the job is not complete and you can't afford the time to do it because the next project just bubbles to the top of the pile. What do you do? Hire some temporary office staff. This is especially effective for end of year projects, or when the paperwork is just piling up.

Where to Find Good Temporary Office Staffing?

The best source is a good staffing company. If you have never used a staffing company before, review the section on how to find a good staffing firm. If you have used a staffing agency before and you had some success finding good help, there are 2 stategies that work best

Tip 1) Ask for the person you used before by name. That temp is already trained and familiar with your work environment. The risks and time it takes to reorient someone are significantly diminished. If they do not have someone you've had in before,

Tip 2) Ask for someone who has been sent out at least 2 or 3 times by the service and has been asked back by at least one client. This shows someone who was good enough to want back. They may not be familiar with your company but chances are that they will do just fine.

Who Do I Call?

Again, call someone you know an trust. Failing that get a referral. If you happen to be near or in Orange County California, I can recommend this company because I know they will treat you right. (P.S. They can even help with recommendations of good companies that can provide temporary office staffing outside of Orange County but inside California!)

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