HR Outsourcing

HR outsourcing is another option for hiring and recruiting employees. For businesses that are small and growing, having a full HR department does not make sense. So why not consider paying someone else to do it!

As this topic is rather broad, for the purposes of this web site, we will limit the discussion to recruiting and hiring employees or staffing up a business.

Can You Really Effectively Outsource Human Resources?

The short answer is yes but it depends on the size of your company. HR outsourcing is an effective option for small to medium small but growing companies.

It can come in different forms. For instance maybe you only need some part time consulting. You can outsource specific task, such as developing a recruiting plan or helping with the review of resumes. Whatever your need it can be customized to your budget and the size of your company.

Examples where companies may consider bringing in outside help.

  • Growth is outpacing ability to bring on new people
  • Company has grown to the point it needs HR input but not large enough to hire full time HR person.
  • One part of HR system is not up to the necessary capability.

There are more but in each of these cases, outside help from an HR professional would be a tremendous benefit to a company.

Other examples outside of the recruitment process may include using an HR consultant for contract recruiting or possibly a benefits administration. Alternatively, as another option, you can use an employee leasing company where you bring in a company to take over the entire HR function. Or you can look at HR consultants where you can bring someone on sight part time.

It is up to you. For the purposes of finding and recruiting employees, you need to verify that your solution has the credentials and knowledge to recruit for you or at least knows how to locate a good service partner they can work with you to fulfill your hiring and staffing needs.

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