Sample Job Analysis

Below is a sample job analysis. It includes sections on Job ID, Job Requirements (what is done in the positions) and Employee requirements (what skills are needed by the person who holds the position).

This sample is intended to give you some sense of the content and information required in a job analysis. Since each job is so different, you will have to uses prior jobs descriptions, interviews of managers and past employees to fill out the detailed contents your specific job analysis.

Sometimes you can find job description software to help you along or maybe a job description writer but in the end, you still need to think carefully about a couple of key things... with or without the help. Ultimately you need to know what the person is going to be doing and for the most part, you are doing the job evaluation yourself anyway even with help from a writer or software.

Please note a sample job analysis and is not meant to cover every type of position. Use this sample and update it per your companies policies and job responsibilities. For further information about a job analysis, visit our page on functional job analysis. If you would like your own copy of this document, see sample job analysis form below.

NOTE: You can also request an example job analysis by simply filling out our job analysis examples page and fill out the request form.

Example Overview

With permission from Synergy Solutions we've reprinted the following example.

The example below is for a sales person who is selling financial service products. About 75% of his/her time is spent in the office and the other 25% is out on the road making presentations to customers. The job requires a Certified Financial Planners designation and requires heavy duty lead generation.

Job Title:                 Financial Planning Sales
Classification:           Full Time Exempt Employee
Department/Division:  Financial Product/ Western Regional
Location:                 Orange County California
Pay Grade:               Level IV (Base + Commission)

Job Requirements

A. Summary of Position
Researches and identifies target client sectors for financial product services. Develops and implements a sales process to include initial contact, follow up, presentation and closing procedures. Maintains records of contacts and sales status including contact reports, sales projections and quota ratios.

  • B. Job Duties

        1) Research and Create targeted new client lists within Orange County California territory

        2) Makes initial contact with potential clients

        3) Performs routine and regular follow up with potential clients

        4) Performs routine and regular follow up with former clients

        5) Visits potential clients and makes sales presentations

        6) Closes sales

        7) Maintains regular record reporting sales activity

  • C. Computer Skills and Software Used

        1) Windows operating system

        2) MS Office including Word, Excel and PowerPoint

        3) Constant Contact or other Customer Relations Management Software

  • D. Reporting Structure

        1) Reports to regional sales manager

        2) Has nobody directly reporting to this position

        3) Required to participate in Annual Sales Meeting

Employee Requirements

  • A. Education and Training

        1) Bachelor Degree in business, finance or accounting or 5 Years experience and High School Diploma. Bachelors Degree Preferred

        2) ABC Financial Planning - Level 3 or higher (Fictional)

  • B. Skills and Aptitudes

        1) Fearless cold caller, 250+ Outbound calls per week

        2) Ability to close a sale

        3. Adapt to changing financial conditions and meet customer expectations

  • C. Environment and Physical

        1) Work in high volume sales office

        2) Be able to sit for prolonged periods of time

        3) Be able to travel to client locations 25% of time

  • D. Licenses/Certifications

        1) CFP - Certified Financial Planner

        2) California Drivers License

Success Factors

  • A. Grow Sales

        1) Increase market channel penetration by 30% in first Year

        2) Develop 3 secondary channels in first 180 days

        3) Grow referral-based sales from 15% to 20% in first year

  • B. Develop Sales Department

        1) Recruit and train 2 junior sales associates with gross sales of $500K by 3nd quarter

        2) Increase number of sales presentations by 20% within 12 months

        3) Implement Web-Meeting presentation System to Reduce travel costs by 20% per year




HR Representative___________________________________

Department Manager__________________________________

Date Completed______________________________________

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Feel Free to use this sample job analysis for as an example of what yours should look like.

If you need more information about the general concept of a job analysis, you can look at our pages on functional job analysis , or definitions of success for a job description.

Remember, if you look at the job in reverse, in other words what outcomes would be seen as a success for the person performing the job, the Job Analysis often becomes clearer.

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