Staffing for Business Continuity Plan

When a disaster hits, you need a business continuity plan. A key component in that is staffing when your business gets hit. Right now, the world is faced with an H1N1 pandemic. The World Health Organization says it is unstoppable. Every year there is Hurricane season in a number of parts of the world. Earthquakes and terrorism are constant fears that most people put in the back of their heads. Survival of your small business is at stake if any one of these hit. Act now.

What is a Continuity Plan?

Simply put, it is a plan for what happens and how you will manage your business if and when a disaster hits. It examines your key functions and how you will operate in case of a disaster. Some sample questions might include;

  • Who is in charge if something happens in an emergency?
  • Who are key business contacts, finance, banking, payroll...?
  • Who are key contacts for suppliers and vendors?

Addressing these issues ahead of time may enable your business to survive a disaster.

There is business continuity planning software available online or you can develop your own plan with online resources such as articles on H1N1 disaster planning.

Staffing Key Job Functions

The ability to complete core job functions during a crisis or disaster is key to staying in business. What would you do if one of your key employees had to care for a loved one during a pandemic outbreak of the H1N1 flu? What if the employees of your company get quarantined? How would you continue to function?

One option is to find short term staff to continue operations. This means finding a staffing service that can service you in times of emergency. This staffing service should themselves have a business continuity plan that spells out how they will stay in business and supply companies replacements for key personnel, while not exposing them to the flu.

Your BizCont Plan

First order of business it go get your continuity plan in order. When you define your key functions, find a staffing service that can supply you the talent you need on a short term basis. Then make sure your suppliers and vendors have their plans or find backups in case they can not service you. Do this and you will increase your likelihood of survival.

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