Candidate Assessment Summary Form

For your copy of a sample candidate assessment summary form, fill out the pdf request form below. You will receive a link to the page where you can download the form and a email with a link to the form as a backup.

The form uses the interview evaluation form as a baseline and collects a summary of the information gathered in that form for each interviewer. This summary information is for each candidate to simplify a candidate to candidate comparison.

The candidate to candidate comparison process is central to a successful selection.  Use the form.  Keep good notes on each candidate.  Be mindful that your notes not your general sense of the interview or how good a connection you made with an interviewing candidate are enough alone to justify a hire.  Take good notes.  Review them after all candidates are completed interviewing.  This significantly increases the chance of a top hiring decision.

Feel free to customized the questions and content of your form to better suit your search and interview process.

Sample Candidate Assessment Form

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