Kelly Services Temp

Overview and Summary

Kelly Services temp agency is another national/global staffing solution. Founded in 1946, Kelly initial focused on supporting offices and light industrial. In the late 50's early 60's they were know as Kelly Girls, synonymous with supplying office staff.

Kelly Services Temp

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Later the company transformed into Kelly Services with a more broad appeal into finance, technology and other professional positions. The company is now global and is listed on the NASDAQ: KELYA, KELYB.

With offices throughout the US, Kelly Services reach includes Europe, China, India and beyond. Clearly they have evolved far beyond the Kelly Girls of old into a global source of employment solutions.

National/International Job Orders

If you are looking for a company that can handle a large range of positions across multiple locations and even different countries, Kelly Services is on of the best solutions you can find.

The difficulties of multi-nation or even multi-state job fullfillment is not easily accomplished with small independent firms nor is it likely that your company if it has such a need and uses a centralized staffing plan wants to deal with multiple local services.

The solution is someone like a Kelly Services. They are well versed in the localities they service. They can offer competitive pricing for large national orders and they specialize in niche's that are well suited for many types of large or international companies.

Local Solutions

When dealing with a global company, if you are a small local company you need to check out the local branch to see how they are run. If you staffing needs do not reach multi-location/nations then you are OK to look at both the national/international firms as well as the local private firms.

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