Manpower Temp Employment Service

Overview and Summary

Manpower temp employment services are just one of the services provided by the parent company Manpower. Manpower is a global company that has been in business since 1948. Based in Wisconsin, and founded in 1948, Manpower is a publicly traded company listed as MAN in the New York Stock Exchange.

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With over 4000 offices worldwide, Manpower is a global provider of personnel. They cover a wide variety of niches and and can pretty much handle any size order for people.


What all this means to you is if you are a company that has requirements in many different countries or locations, then a company like Manpower temp employment might be the best solution.

The major players not only offer multi-location/national services they can also handle special situations like positions where an employee must alternate between overseas and locally.

Additionally, if you need large numbers of people for long or short periods of time, the national firms are often equipped to handle those orders in a more timely fashion.

Personalized Service

Of course the trade off with using a large national service is that you are not necessarily dealing with the top person or owner. Of course if you are a large firm this may not impact you.

Local Businesses

If you are a local business and you are the president, you may want to deal with someone on your level, you probably won't. You will likely deal with a branch manager. There are many terrific branch managers and they probably would do a terrific job. Sometimes though, if you are not a large account, you may not get the attention that a larger client gets. Also, branch managers get transferred, promoted and fired. They are interested in their numbers because they are a corporation who deals with numbers and making margins.

On the other hand, with a local firm, you will probably get to know the owner who will value a long term relationship. When you deal with an owner you are getting the person with the final decision making authority and someone who will value long term relations.


Firms like Manpower temp employment are the best resource for large multi-location needs. If you are someone who needs one-of type service or has smaller long term needs, you really need to get to know the branch manager for the large tier firms to understand how you will be service and the long term stability of the branch and compare that to using one of the terrific local temp agencies.

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