Sample Interview Evaluation Form

Here's a sample interview evaluation form to demonstrate the different sections discussed on the interview evaluation form.

Keep in mind this should be customized based on company needs, job requirements and other factors important to determining who would be a successful candidate for the role.

Sample Form

Interview Evaluation Form

Candidate Name                                             

Interview Date           



Current/Most Recent Job

Company                                              How Long?           


Initial Job Title                            Current Job Title                           

Direct Manager                            Title                           


Top Challenges                                                                             

Top Successes                                                                             

Most Gratifying                                                                             

Most Unpleasant                                                                             

For Managers

Number of People                           

Biggest Challenge When Starting                                                  

Top Improvements                                                                       


Candidate Scoring

Please rate the candidate on:
1 = Needs Improvement 2 = Acceptable 3 = Very Good 4 = Exceptional

                                                                 Rating     Weight     Score
Appearance (professional dress, grooming, etc.) 1 2 3 4 x
Poise, self confidence, 1st impression               1 2 3 4 x
Verbal communication skills (articulate, clear)    1 2 3 4 x
Listening ability and nonverbal communication    1 2 3 4 x
Clarity of career interests and goals                 1 2 3 4 x
Ability to link prior work experience to position   1 2 3 4 x
Knowledge of Industry                                   1 2 3 4 x
Preparation for interview                                1 2 3 4 x
Quality of questions                                      1 2 3 4 x
Interest in & enthusiasm toward opportunity      1 2 3 4 x
Demonstrates knowledge of company & position   1 2 3 4 x
Strength of competence/skills for position/work   1 2 3 4 x
Overall impression of candidate’s performance     1 2 3 4 x

Total Score

Critical = 10
Necessary = 8
Important = 6
Nice to Have = 4
Not Important = 2
Irrelevant = 0

For each position assign weights an multiply rating by weight. Sum up scores to get an overall score.

This form is an example of what an interview evaluation form might look like.

The person coordinating the interview can pre-fill the first section. The interviewer would fill in the second section during the interview and after the interview would complete the rating part of the form. The form would then be sent to the interview coordinator.

The coordinator would then assign the weights and fill out the scoring to get a total score.

Again, this is an example form. It needs to be adapted to the specifics of the position and the company.

If you would like a PDF copy of the form you have two options;

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  2. You can fill out the request box below. You will then be sent to a Thank You page with a link to get your own copy of a sample interview evaluation form.

As always, please seek legal and professional advice regarding questions and the interview process in your region.

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