San Diego Employment Agencies

Finding the best San Diego employment agencies takes a bit of knowledge about the city and a bit of detective work.

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San Diego is know for it's terrific weather year round. Lots of distractions like the zoo, beach and surfing. It also has a reputation as a military town but the biggest employer is the federal government. followed by the state government and #5 on the list is the US Navy. This means there are probably a great number of services that have Government contracts. These are often serviced by the larger national firms.

San Diego Staffing Agency

Find a Local Niche Firm

Therefore... your best bet is to find a local niche firm. Here's the reason, if you had 100 people working for the government and another client that had 2-3 people working at their site, who do you think is going to get the lion's share of attention? Can your small business audit the firm? If the temp service messes up your order and you go away, are they going to be in trouble?

Sorry to say probably not. Now go to a smaller niche firm that maybe has only 30 people out on assignment. If 3 of them are with you and they mess up, they lose 10% of their business!

San Diego Temp Agencies

Finding a Good Firm

The best way to find a good local firm is to ask around. Failing that, there are trade associations like the California Staffing Professionals or the American Staffing Association where you can find some of these local smaller niche companies.

The benefit of using a company that is part of a trade association is many of these associations have credential programs where recruiters can be certified. Ask about certification when you interview your recruiting company. If nothing else it shows they are up to speed on the latest in their industry and they follow a code of ethics.

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