Accounts payable clerk

what does the job analysis look like?

Anybody out there got something for an AP clerk?

Here are some ideas for a starting point.

First, what type of accounting system do you have? Is it a lower tier system like quickbooks or is it something like MAS90? Maybe you use a customized solution?

This will lead to understanding the complexity of your system. Will the person have to match up purchase orders to invoices that come in? What processing happens before invoices come in? If you are accepting goods, must they pass some sort of receiving inspection before they are accepted? If so, what are the terms of the agreement? By that I mean are you scheduled to make recurring payments based on a time frame or are those payments tied to receipt of acceptable goods/services?

Next you need to consider the volume and scope of work. Does this person do all the data entry for larger numbers of payables? If so what process do you use to insure that the data is accurate before doing a check run?

Finally what other duties and responsibilities will this person take on if any?

Once you have answered some of these questions you can then begin to develop the success criteria for the position.

Hope that gets you thinking and gives you a starting point. Please feel free to forward along any drafts for comment.

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