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how to do job analysis

Hopefully someone can send along a sample job analysis for a call center person but you need to review the page and provide a bit more information.

Here's some ideas to get you started thinking in the right direction. Start with the requirements of the position based on experience or the jobs of others.

Depending on the industry and or service that you focus on, will help sort out what types of background skills the person will need.

For instance if you have most things automated by computer and the job is to help troubleshoot problems, the person must have the skills and ability to quickly access information on a computer and be able to diagnose on the fly depending on the problem being solved.

That is quite different than an order taker who is merely putting information into a computer. It also takes a different skill set and different level of interaction with the client on the other end.

Also, is it in bound calling or outbound calling? Outbound is usually sales or information gathering. This again requires a different skill set and personality than inbound where your are taking information or answering questions.

Whenever sales are involved, the ability to make a quick connection with the person on the other end is key. Handling objections is key. Dealing with lots of rejection is key.

Once you sort out type of client you are servicing, you can look at the success characteristics of the person who you want to work for you.

I hope that helps get you started. Please feel free to send along your draft job analysis for a call center. I'd be happy to give you any suggestions or comments.

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