cleaning and sanitation industry sales and services

Can you give an example?


Thanks for the question. Any examples to help with this?

I can get you started thinking. First as with any sales position, you need to start with the end in mind. By that I mean you need to look at which niche if any you want this sales person to target.

The sale to a large institutional client like a hospital is much different than the sale to a small office. In the first case you need someone who can navigate the bureaucracy, submit proposals, get information from a buyer or purchasing agent etc.

If you are dealing with a small business that person may very well be the owner or a site manager.

Think of the first type of person as a big game hunter where as the second type goes after volume and numbers. The large institutional sale is more complex and takes longer, whereas the small business client is a shorter sales cycle but won't have the volume of business.

They take different skill sets. Also you need to consider if and what type of niche you are in as it can add to the background and experience you are looking for in your sales candidate. Success criteria may include active contacts in your specific niche.

Hope that is enough to get you thinking about your job analysis for your cleaning and sanitation industry sales and services sales position. Please feel free to forward along your draft for review and comment.

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