Cleaning or Sanitation Salesperson

by Alvita
(Bolingbrook, IL)

Do you have an example of a job analysis for a cleaning or sanitation salesperson?

Alvita, Thanks for the question. Anybody got anything they can offer?

Here are some suggestions to get you started;

First, do you have a niche or specialty market? For instance to you target industrial businesses or do you target professionals like dentists and chiropractors?

The ultimate person you choose may be different for each type of position. When you are dealing with small businesses, often you can talk directly with the owner or office manager who makes that decision. That type of sale is often done on a personal level. Price is a factor but the relationship is also very important.

When you are dealing with larger companies, you need to talk with whomever is in charge of facilities. That could be the General Manager or it may be a facilities manager. If it is the subdivision of a larger parent company that decision may be done for them at corporate. You may need to provide a proposal or determine when the annual bids are collected for that service and put a note on your calendar to get on a bid list etc.

As you can see, it may take a different skill set depending on the type of business you target.

Once you have established your niche, then you can begin to fill in the job requirements and success criteria.

For instance someone who goes after larger accounts may need to be good with proposal writing. Someone who goes after local business may need to be better at cold calling on the phone.

Hope that helps get you started with your Cleaning or Sanitation Salesperson job analysis. Please feel free to forward on your draft for comment.

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