Customer service / expeditor

by Betty Sue Ballard
(Ripley TN USA)

What does the job entail?

What pay scale does this job rank at?


Betty Sue,
Thanks for sending along the request. Anyone got something they can share?

I'd be happy to get you started. First it looks to me like you are researching the job for yourself or someone else. That said, I'd start with some job descriptions you can find on the internet. Read a few and it would give you some clue about the job functions of an expediter.

Next you need to look at what industry this person would be working in. There will be important differences. An expeditor usually works in an office scheduling material and equipment deliveries but a lot depends on what types of materials or equipment are being delivered.

For instance if you have to deal with cooled or frozen goods, you may need a different skills set than someone who is dealing with hazardous materials. Knowledge of how to transport materials in some types of industries may require specific training and certifications.

Finally there is also a personality element that must be looked at. Someone who does this kind of work must also be good at tracking and logging data and information. Once the goods leave their original starting point they need to be tracked to know when shipment is due. Someone who is diligent and know when things are due or expected to be delivered would be key to being successful in this type of role.

Hope this helps getting you started.

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