Director of Education

by Doris Klein
(San Diego, CA)

I would like to see a job analysis for the Position of Director of Education.


Thank you Doris. Is there anybody out there that can help with some examples?

I'll give you some ideas on things to consider when you get this project started.

As each institution is different regarding this type of position, I think the best place to start is looking back at past directors...(hopefully this is not a new position!)

What have been the keys to success for any of the past directors? What was lacking in your last director?

You can get this information by interviewing past directors, employees who worked for the director and people who managed the director.

What you are looking for is success criteria. This is different depending on who you talk to.

If you can get access to job performance reviews of past employees of the position to understand what skills and abilities were both recognized for excellence and look for any skills that seemed to be lacking. You'll need need to understand if these skills/abilities were important to success/failure in the position. For instance, someone may be recognized for excellence in one area on a performance review but that skill or ability is a second tier skill for the position.

Next I'd look at what you have for a job description both current and past ones if available. You are looking for skills and abilities that are required for the position. Are there inconsistencies with what you learned interviewing past holders of the position.

Finally once you tie it all together, feel free to forward along your draft job analysis for your director of education. We can give you more feedback at that point. Hope this helps.

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