Dirty Tricks on innocent interviewees

by Seifu M
(Addis Ababa)



Once a notorious interviewing team decided to test the nerves of an interviewee and hatched a horrific idea.

The interviewing team placed a chair with its backs to them and its front to the door. The nervous interviewee then came and sat on the chair without turning it to them, thus giving them his back.

That is horrific. I guess if you could handle and interview like that you could probably get the job but who would want to work for a company like that unless there was a point to the exercise that was explained to the interviewee.

I imagine in some places there may be laws or customs against such practices. I could also see losing a certain percentage of applications who would not stand for something they perceived to be a stunt.

While that is ok, you may lose a certain percentage of good candidates to this kind of technique. My suggestion is to give the candidate some sort of heads up that they will be challenged in unique ways and give them a reason ahead of time.

Thanks for the share and I hope it does not give anyone any ideas.....

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Jun 14, 2011
Common Sense
by: Former Job Seeker

Why didn't the interviewee just turn the chair around to face the interviewer(s). Common sense means alot!

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