Examples of Job analysis

by Charlene
(South Africa)

I need information on how to compile job analysis for the following Positions.For a task/assignment I need to do.I need help.

General Manager
Office Administrators
Thanks Charlene for the question. Any help or ideas out there?

I'll get you started.

My guess is that if you are looking for all these types of people it is a new division or company that you are starting. If that is true then you will have an evolving process. The key here is to have a good understanding of what outcome you are expecting in each position.

For example, let's take the general manager. You need to decide if that person has bottom line P/L responsibilities or just operational responsibilities.

For your marketing people, are they doing direct marketing? How do you measure success with their marketing efforts?

Sales and office administrators are all over the place and their jobs depend quite a bit on what the specifics of the industry and requirements of the business.

Again, start with the end in mind. For the sales position, what would be the outcome desired for 1 years work. Is it a position where you are trying to penetrate a specific niche or are you looking for a generalist?

Please feel free to look through our list of other positions here and see if you can gather some ideas for your specific needs and as always feel free to forward along any drafts you come up with for review and suggestions.

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