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does anyone have examples of an executive assistance job analysis


Thanks for the question. Are there any examples of a Job analysis for an executive assistant?

I'll get this started by saying this one really depends quite a bit on the executive.

In a sense for high level executives, having an executive assistant is comparable to being married. There are not only skills required but also compatibility with the executive is a must.

Because positions vary widely, it is difficult to generalize here. I've seen some places that require executive assistants travel with the executive. I've seen other times where the exec assistant was not required to travel but had to keep the same hours as the executive. That means if the executive traveled over seas, the assistant had to keep those hours.

In another case, the executive was a bit of a hot head. He had a temper and needed someone who had a cool head who would put him in his place. The successful candidates were almost always women who had 20+ years experience at the executive level.

What I'm getting to here is you need to figure out both the skills requirements and personality requirements for the successful candidate.

You may want to look at some personality assessments of past successful candidates if they are available. Then use the same type of test on future candidates.

Hope this helps. Good luck and feel free to submit your draft job analysis for an executive assistant and we'll give you some feedback.

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