Fire Safety Officer

by Demi

I need a sample of Fire Safety Officer???


Thanks Demi for the question. Can anyone help Demi?

I'll get the conversation going. Here are a couple suggestions to get you started;

First, anyone involved in safety must have 2 qualities, know the laws as they pertain to your industry and know how to get things implemented.

The first is something you can describe as a qualification or in having necessary credentials. The second part, knowing how to get things implemented is a bit more difficult.

Whenever safety is involved, there is often a priority to insuring that task or requirement is met. However, when safety impacts the productivity, there can be conflict.

This is where the soft skills come in. You need to find someone who can work with other departments to meet both safety goals while maintaining productivity rates. Sometimes it involves compromise and creativity. The person must be able to negotiate with internal customers and seek solutions sometimes that are out of the box.

Too often safety people can be letter of the law types who are rigid and unyielding. You have to decide which skills are important for your company.

So my advice to you is to interview the parties that have a stake in safety. Understand what they are looking for in a candidate and use that as a starting point. Then move on to credentials and work experience required to be successful in the position.

This should get your more than 1/2 way to your end goal.

Feel free to forward a copy of your draft job analysis for a fire safety officer and I'll be happy give suggestions. Hope this helped get you thinking.

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