General Manager for Fast Food


I am GM for a company of food business and I search for information and managing system for running this types of combines , I explore your web sit and I appear my appreciate your hard effort you do.

Finally I ask for the following:
What is best job description for General Manager of company working with fast food restaurant's company?


Terrific question. As with many positions it is up to the company how best to design this position. My suggestion is to try one of the following, assuming you have no experience to basis your own analysis of the position, network with peers in the industry who are in the same field as you are. Survey them on what responsibilities are given the GM.

The second suggestion is to look at your current organization and define what roles are best suited for the GM position.

Keep in mind that a GM has to manage and be able to show others how to get things accomplished. A GM who is a do it yourself type just runs out of day/week. This person needs to be able to teach and empower people to do the work and hold them accountable.

Finally, your GM needs to know and implement the companies philosophy with regard to your product, in this case food and food service. Simply having knowledge of food, preparation and customer services is not enough. Often times a GM will have to be both hands on to show people how it is done and know when to step away when someone gets it.

I hope that gets you started. Please feel free to forward your draft job analysis for a fast food general manager and I'd be happy to give you some suggestions.

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Mar 25, 2015
by: wallace watson


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