Hostel Warden

by Usman Raza
(Gujranwala, Punjab, Pakistan)

I need the Job analysis about Hostel warden of a University?

From Tom
Thanks Usman. Anybody got any ideas here?


Here's a few suggestions on where to start;

First of all the hostel warden needs to be someone who understand how to take control of a situation.

This means they have to have good judgment on where to draw the line and what to do about it when things go over the line.

Second, the warden must know how to manage the property. When things go wrong they need to know how to correct them or get them corrected. They need to know who to delegate which maintenance tasks to and hold that person accountable.

Finally, a hostel warden needs to fit the image your are trying to present to the community. If your clientele is mostly college age students, someone who acts as if they are still in college probably does not have the right temperament. It is also true that someone who is a stickler for the rules and does not exercise discretion for the situation probably is not going to do well with youth.

So a good starting point would be to figure out what your primary mission is with your hostel, who do you server? From there develop a list of traits that person needs to be able to effectively interact with your primary customer and go from there.

Hope that helps you get started in your quest to write a hostel warden job analysis. If you finish, please feel free to stop by and show us what you came up with.

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