human resource manager for mcdonalds

by Jan Lazeris
(New Zealand)

Looking for a job analysis example for a human resource manager for McDonald's.


I would be surprise if there wasn't something official floating around in a corporate handbook...but if anyone has access and would be willing to share, please do so.

If no such document exists, here are a few ideas to get you started;

First, because of the industry, the person probably handles a number of functions like hiring, payroll and safety so you need a generalist who is used to handling the multiple aspects of such a position.

Next you need too look at which characteristics are most key to success at your store. For example, if there is a lot of turnover, this HR manager should be good with hiring/firing and very familiar with keeping and filing employee records.

Another example might be if you have a safety program, you need to look at their experience with worker safety programs and administering worker related programs to make sure that employees are properly trained for their jobs not only from a safety perspective but also from a job knowledge perspective. People who are not trained can make mistakes. People need to be properly trained. If your hr person is responsible for this function, past experience and the ability to enforce such procedures would be key to a good HR manager.

Hope this gets you started and please feel free to forward along any drafts you have for your human resource manager job analysis.

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