Human Resourcess

by Fowzia

just an example 4 job analysis HR department.....thanx


This should be straight forward. Anybody got something to share?

Thanks for the Question Fowzia and I'll start off with a couple of questions and then give some suggestions.

First of all it would help if it were clear whether this position was someone in a large company who handled one part of Human Resources like a benefits manager or maybe a recruiting manager where the person need to know a lot about a narrow scope of work or whether this person was a generalist in a small company who need to know a little about a lot of different topics.

When looking at positions like human resources which is a fairly broad area of expertise, it is best to focus on the broad picture at first.

Next, look at any pending issues the company may have or be looking at. Often times there are trigger points for size of company or number of employees where compliance to certain types of laws come into effect.

These trigger points often require someone with more advanced skills or knowledge of working in larger companies. While it is true that you can get training to augment whatever skills are already in places, it is good to categorize both current and near future needs.

Finally, because HR touches almost every department in some fashion, depending on whether the position is for a small company or a large company, it is imperative that the successful candidate know how to deal with people at all levels.

An HR manager who shows preference for either management or the workers will not protect the company. They have to walk that fine line of compliance where you have to have great skills in performing and documenting investigations into issues like conduct and performance.

I hope this helps. Please feel free to submit a draft of your Human Resources job analysis and I'll be happy to provide comments and feedback.

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