infants retail manager

by sonia
(brampton, on)

Need job analysis for baby's department manager of Walmart.


Thanks for submitting the request. My guess is that since you work for a large corporation that somewhere such a document exists. At the very least there should be a job description you can start with.

Assuming you at least have a job description, you are part way done and from there you just need to add on some of the intangibles.

Working in the infant department means you are predominantly working with mother with the occasional gift giver or father.

That said, look at the qualities an individual would need to be successful managing a department with these type of people.

Look for qualities in an individual that would make them stand out in that department above some other. For example, retail experience can be helpful but when dealing with mothers often safety of their child is a chief concern. A person who is well versed in child safety and can speak with moms about the benefits of a given product with regard to safety might sell more product than someone who just points them to the shelf where the products are displayed.

Think about other characteristics that would make a department manager successful. What have some of the managers in the past excelled at doing and where have they been lacking. Is it better to have a 'grandmotherly' approach or did they have more of a mom to mom approach? Is it important to be bilingual?

Once you collect all those characteristics you will be a long way along the path of creating your job analysis for an infants retail manager position.

If you want some more input on your draft please feel free to forward it along.

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