Job Analysis for a Personal Assistant

by Pharonda
(Jackson, Tn Madison)

I would like a sample of a job analysis for a personal assistant.

Is there someone who could offer a sample job analysis for a personal assistant?

I can get you started with some suggestions on how to look at where you might start.

The primary thing you need to look at is how intimately involved with the client is the personal assistant...and I don't mean that in a sexual way.

As an example, people who have executive assistants sometimes have that assistant travel with them when they go on meetings.

Same thing with a personal assistant. If that PA is going to be with you all the time then compatibility on a long term basis is quite important. You would need to factor in the personality to the job analysis.

On the other hand, if the person is handling mostly extra administrative functions like managing a calendar, making reservations, getting directions, dealing with functions that are delegated and can be done without being in close proximity to the client then that person must be task oriented and the personality aspect is not as key.

Once you answer the first question, you can then start to look at some of the success factors you are looking at for the individual you may want to hire.

Hope that helps get you started. Please feel free to forward along any drafts you make for the personal assistant job analysis. We'd be happy to give you any comments or suggestions.

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