Mail and File Clerk

by theresa crusoe
(baltimore, maryland)

I need a job analysis for the above position. Trying to help someone complete an application for this position for the federal government.

My suggestion is to look at the job posting for a similar position and borrow from that posting. Even within the government, there are differences on approaches of what duties and responsibilities would be include with a job. Sometimes even different departments have huge differences for the exact same title.

Beyond that you need to look at what other types of responsibilities this person may have. If the mail clerk part of the job required interaction with people at all levels of the company delivering and collecting mail, the ideal employee may need to be someone both courteous and personable. Say hello to everyone from senior managers to the lowly clerks doing the work. As it is for the federal government, there may be sensitive information and materials involved.

Finally, as I mentioned before, it would be helpful knowing the kind of department this is for because there are a few different types of filing systems. Most are alpha numeric but sometimes things are filed by type like in a financial office, things that are receivables or past due go in one area and things that are payables go in another area. knowing the differences between those types of items could be helpful.

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