Multiple interviews?

by Maria Maschi
(Plantation, Fl)

I worked at a staffing agency which had a small lobby ,very similar to a doctor's office; 3 sets of chairs on 3 walls and a sliding "mirrored" window pane where you ring the bell for attention.

I was alone one day at the office, (we welcomed walk-ins) when a well dressed lady came in and asked to apply. I gave her an application on a clipboard and closed the sliding window asking her to let me know when she was done.

After about 5 minutes, she rang the bell. I walked over curious knowing she couldn't be done already, she just got started.

She said to me in a very serious manner. 'I am having trouble filling this application because the voices are interrupting me?' I stuck my head partially out the window and saw no on in the lobby with her. When I asked her, what voices were distracted her, she said; 'the voices in my head.'

Of course, being alone in the office I quickly became concerned for my safety so I told her nonchalantly, 'Oh, well tell them you need a job so please be quiet so you can complete the application.' She said she would do so, and sat down again.

As I went to sit down I walked by my door and clicked the lock. Although I did interview her briefly, needless to say, she was never placed by us.


Well that was a scary story. Great quick thinking on your part. It is good you gave her an interview and I'd make sure to keep good notes on why you did not hire her. Thanks for the share.

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