My Pet Peeve

... is companies, administrators, managers and interview panels who judge people, categorize them and then laugh at them on websites.


This is a terrific question in that it brings to light something this page is not intended to do, make fun of people. I delete any story that is derogatory.

Sorry you have had some bad experiences. This is intended not to make fun of any one individual. It is intended to do a couple of things, first take the serious business of interviewing and show that it can be funny...from both sides.

I've had employees tell me about funny experiences interviewing with companies and companies telling funny stories about candidates. I've even had candidates tell funny stories about how they themselves have blown interviews.

Second, it is to let candidates know that sometimes funny things happen. Don't let it distract you or take you off your game. Sometimes it is a test, other times it is just life. If you can persevere, it will show them that you have something special.

Here's hoping if you are a candidate you will share your funny story and turn it into a win for you.

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