Older Application

Not from an interview, but my funniest is when I took over the HR dept in a Hospital, in the 70's. Employer still had an old type application


The former director had left one application in the drawer. As I looked at it, where it said "SEX", a person had written in (very small) "Yes.Once in Jeff City"


Good one!

It just goes to show that we have to be very careful about what we put on an application and be as clear as possible about the questions asked in an interview.

On the surface this quite funny but if taken the wrong way by the wrong person, it could also be problematic.

Language is a funny thing. To the extent that we attempt to use few words to communicate a thought or question on an application is based on the context of the job process.

When a person does not have the same understanding, the results can range from humorous and tragic.

Thanks for the share.

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