Production Staff - Tim Hortons

Can I please get a job analysis of the position of a Production Staff member at a coffee shop?


Thanks for the question. Anybody help out here?

I can get you started. My guess here is that this is someone who is making coffee on a production basis, therefore would need to be able to keep a cool head and methodically crank out the coffees.

That said, you need to look at some of the underlying characteristics of a person who can perform at high levels for extended periods of time when demand is at it's peak.

Some personalities are better working alone while others do well when there are others around. The ability to work fast and accurately, following recipes is another critical function.

That might mean needing someone with similar experience or someone who at least has been in a fast paced environment and been able to perform, who is teachable.

As this person is in production, they probably also need to have some understanding of waste and cost controls. Having sensitivity to the cost of a mistake is helpful in being diligent.

That should be enough to get you thinking about some characteristic to start your job analysis for a production coffee persons. Please feel free to forward along a draft if you'd like some comment.

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