program coordinator

by Mr.Mohammed
(Gaza, Gaza Strip, Palestine)

Please can I find a job analysis for the position of program coordinator at any INFO's?


Thanks for the question. To be more helpful I'd need more information on the specifics of the types of projects involved in the position. For instance if the project is something where lots of people with various skill sets need to be involved, and coordination between these different players is key to success, then the project coordinator needs to be someone who can both make sure things are moving along but also has knowledge of these various skills to help troubleshoot any issues and get them resolved to keep things moving along.

On the other hand, if there are very few outside people involved, then that coordinator must be someone who is goal oriented and driven to meet deadlines on their own personal production.

There are a few common qualities that lead to success that you look for in any project coordinator. Here are some suggestions to get you thinking.

Must be both a big picture person who has a good grasp of the end game but also understands the details of what it takes to accomplish tasks. A project coordinator must be able to move fluidly between those two opposites as they must drive the end result without skipping important steps that could result in set backs or rework.

Second a successful project coordinator must be able to communicate well with all people. Open lines of communication facilitate knowledge amongst the stake holders in the project. Being able to bridge any gaps in communication or coordination between people involved will go a long way to insuring success in any project. Your project coordinator must have that skills.

Finally I think one skill is key to any successful project coordinator, and it is being a forward moving persons. Having that drive to make sure everyone is moving forward somehow is a trait that will lead to success in any project.

There will always be problems and people will put up road blocks along the way. A successful project coordinator who is focused on moving things forward will figure out how best to move ahead and keep progress happening in spite of the problems or road blocks.

I hope this helps you get your thinking process started. If you come up with a draft job analysis for your project coordinator position, please feel free to forward it along and I'll be happy to give you comments and suggestions.

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