Shaking Hands

I had an interview with a hiring manager at a Fortune 100 company. It was a formal setting, we were both wearing suits, the interview was conducted in a conference room, with a long conference table.

During the interview I noticed that interviewer put his hand down his pants and just left it there in a relaxed manner for the whole interview. I was shocked, he kept going on about the job and the company. I wanted the job. A sense of dread was building in me as the interview progressed, knowing that at the end of the interview he would reach out to shake my hand.

I ended up shaking his hand, and vigorously washed my hands after wards. It was so surreal, I almost expected some hidden camera prank. I did not get the job, so I shook his hand for nothing.


Eeewww! Not sure I would want to work for someone like that so I guess it was a blessing. Thanks for sharing.

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