The Interview is over when....

by Jackie

This is a great topic...Have you ever interviewed someone and they say or do something that immediately makes up your mind? In other words, the interview is over! Here's a couple that happened to me:

1 - I was testing high voltage power supplies and the guy behind me kept blowing things up. When I complained he told me I was an idiot and to mind my own business. Fast forward 3 years later. We were interviewing candidates and I was on the final selection soon as I saw his face....ding ding ding Interview Over!

2 - The second thing is when a candidate says they are "a fast learner" ding ding ding Your time is Up! Interview over...

Great one. I love it! These are both quiet true. I think another one is when people ask you to tell them about yourself, people, this means professionally. We had one person tell the interviewer that she had 23 cats and each one had their own personality. She said this made her an excellent judge of character. Ding Ding Ding... Interview over. If that's not an alarm bell, nothing is.



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