TOPIC: JOB ANALYSIS – Job Description & Job Specification

by KARL Simon
(Papua New Guinea)

The Papua new Guinea University of Technology
Department of Business Studies
Management Section


TOPIC: JOB ANALYSIS – Job Description & Job Specification

Job Analysis is an important activity in Human Resource Management. The information generated from a job analysis process provide the basis for other important HR activities such as HR Planning, Recruitment, Selection, Performance Appraisal, Training and Development, Rewards and Benefits, etc. As such, this assignment is an opportunity for students to capture a good understanding of the subject by undertaking a practical job analysis in addition to the formal lecture and tutorial discussions.


1. Choose any reputable organization, either a statutory agency or private enterprise operating in Lae, and gain authorization or approval formally from the organization or department’s management to conduct your project on one of their JOB positions.

2. Make an appointment for an interview or a survey with the holder of the designated position (job), immediate supervisor or manager. It will require a Job Analysis template for an interview or a Job Analysis questionnaire for a survey.

3. Use your theoretical knowledge of the subject especially, based on the lecture and tutorial to formulate a Job Analysis template or a Job Analysis Questionnaire.

4. Use your Job Analysis tools to conduct a detailed and thorough Job Analysis.

5. Finally, use the information gathered through the job analysis process to prepare a Job Description and a Job Specification, of the job position analyzed.

6. Submit the written report, typed on A4 paper, 12 points size, and 1.5 line spacing.

7. The name of the organization, department, name and title of the job holder, and contact details must also be included in the report.

Karl - Thank you for this template/sample of your Job Analysis and Job Specification.

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