Validation Engineer

Looking for a sample job analysis for a validation engineer or launch engineer.


I think a bit more detail about your company would help here. Validation can be software validation or is it something else. Please send along a bit more info.

Here are a few more things to consider, often times there is testing involved. If there are standards that must be tested against, familiarity with those standards may be a requirement. Also the term launch engineer implies that these are prototypes, therefore someone with a background in R&D may be better suited.

Next consider any specialized equipment, tools or skills involved in the validation process. For instance someone doing validation on a laser system would need a great deal of knowledge about mirrors, lasers, optics etc.

The equipment used to measure and test such a system is highly specialized. On the other hand, a person doing validation on a software product probably wouldn't need to know much about optics but it would be highly beneficial to know how to write test code.

Finally no matter which industry a person doing validation and launch must have excellent documentation skills. Meticulous notations of any and all problems even minor ones must be observed and noted.

Hope that helps you and feel free to send along any draft you may have for your job analysis of a validation engineer or launch engineer. We'll be happy to offer suggestions and ideas to improve your draft.

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