Why I am looking for a job, and not them?

by Malu
(Las Cruces, NM)

Why I am looking for a job, and not them?

I experienced more than once unprofessional interview in my time. Many times I have to wait over hour for the interview. Once I arrived 10 minutes early to the interview, gave my name to the receptionist, and I could see thru the glass door the receptionist announce me to the employer. After 40 minutes, I asked again if I was forgotten, the receptionist said no, that the manager knew I was there.

I could see the manager talking on the phone, balancing in the chair side to side. I could not hear the conversation but it looked to be a casual conversation. I waited another 20 minutes and then I left. I said that I would call back to arrange another interview, but I never did.

Another situation was when I went to an interview where the interviewer could not find my resume, had no idea who I was, and lied to me saying that “the position was already taken.” I found out later in the week that the position was still open. To be honest, I believe that I was a great candidate for both positions.


Actually these are not funny, they are quite sad. Unfortunately, there are very few classes given to managers on how to properly interview. You just get promoted and people think you somehow know how to conduct an interview...but that is kind of the point of this web site.

Anyway, I hope that some day when you are in the position to hire others, you will remember these times and make yourself a hiring plan, get some training on how to conduct and interview etc.

Good Luck in your job search.

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