Using Temporary Employment Services Successfully

Like any other service, temporary employment services differ dramatically and if it is your job to use one successfully, it can be a daunting challenge! Fear not, help is here.

Before You Start

Before starting you need to assess your companies need for a temp service, you need to understand the differences between temp employment agencies that are local and nationalized and finally you need to understand the what a staffing markup is an what you are paying for when you hire a temp service. Once you have a grasp of that information, use the chart below to help you decide which type of service is best for you.

Decision Chart

This chart should be used as a guideline for helping you make an assessment on where to start in your search for a temporary employment search. Order your criteria and see which best fits your need.

Decision Factor

Large National Firm

Small Local Firm

Absolution Lowest Cost

Flexible Terms

Large Volume/Bulk Orders

National Staffing Requirements

Customized Services

Direct Contact with Ownership

Localized Employment Knowledge

Multiple Types of Positions

Short Lead Time/Fast Fill

Personalized Service

Decision Time

Once you have an idea of which type of service to you are looking to work with, then you can start on the task of locating the best temp agency for you with enough knowledge to ask good questions and determine the best solution for you.

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