Temporary Job Agencies

How to Choose the Best

Many times a company needs help to make a deadline. Temporary job agencies can be a solution but only if you know what you are doing. Actually, there are a great number of circumstances where your company would benefit from having a relationship with someone who could provide you temporary staffing on a short term basis. Here are a few examples;

  • Short term deadlines
  • Seasonal Work
  • Outside expertise
  • Leave or vacation fill in
  • Short term increase in workload

In each of these cases, there is a reason for increasing the workforce for a short period of time. This is the purpose of temp agency...to provide such help.

When Not to Use Temporary Job Agencies

Before we get into how to find the right solution for your company, here are a few examples of when not to use a temp service;

  • To cover payroll
  • Add long term staff
  • Add key employees or skills sets
  • Circumvent overtime laws

In each of these cases there it would not benefit a company to have a temp fill that position.

Other Types of Temps

There are of course other types of staffing services provided by agencies like temp to hire , a kind of try before you buy service or contract services where you outsource an entire function on a contract basis. For now we are just concentrating on using temporary job agencies to fill a short term need.

Finding the Best

There are 3 steps to the search process for finding the right solutions for your company.

Step 1 - Know you reason for hiring temps. There are some examples above of when and when not to use a temp service. You need to know your business reason.

Step 2 - Define your job requirements for the position. This will help you understand what your real need is and help you narrow the field of solutions to your temp problem.

Step 3 - Begin your search for your best fit partner. Here are some easy strategies to find the best temp agencies in your area along with some ideas of what kinds of questions to ask. The key is knowing what you need and how much it costs to hire a temp for the job you need done or if it even a smart move from a cost of labor standpoint.

Final Thoughts

If you don't have experience working with temporary agencies, find a local trade association for recruiting and staffing. The companies involved in those associations tend to be more active in their fields.

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